We Need Everyone to Pitch In!

Mar 7, 2024

Let’s get straight to the point. We are asking you today to commit to our efforts to re-elect President Joe Biden and Senator Tammy Baldwin, and with our new Wisconsin electoral maps, to also help elect candidates to three local assembly seats and a senate seat that now lean Democratic, as well as making sure we compete in all other races, too. Can you help? Our annual Chippewa County Democratic Fundraiser has just begun. It is a key element to making sure we can do all that we must do. Besides preparing for multiple campaigns, we need funds for our office rent, our Fair Booth, postcard campaigns, storage, volunteer support, and more. To put it another way $750 will pay one month’s rent, $300 will pay for our NWSF booth, $250 will rent a shelter for our annual picnic, $75 will pay for toner cartridges, $65 for a roll of postcard stamps, $49 for a box of copy paper, or $45 a month for our storage unit. You get the idea! To be honest, in 2024 we anticipate numerous unknown expenses in what is going to be a hectic, surprised filled, election year unlike any other. We must be prepared. Can you donate today? Help us insure, when election results are in on November 5th, we won’t regret not working harder. Please donate to the Democratic Party of Chippewa County today! To set up a sustaining monthly donation or a one time donation online, donate below.


Alternatively, you can download this form and deliver it to the office with your check.