Kyle for Congress

Jan 8, 2024

Happy New Year Dem Leaders!

It’s been a privilege to meet so many Wisconsinites that care deeply about the direction of this country and are willing to invest time and money fighting for change. I’m honored to be a part of this forward momentum. Thank you for welcoming me into your communities.

Campaign fundraising

We just filed our FEC Year End 2023 report today and wanted to share some results. I’m excited to announce we achieved our Q4 goal and are actively working on making Q1 2024 just as successful! Here’s some numbers at a glance:

  • Doubled the campaign contributions over last quarter
  • Nearly doubled cash-on-hand over last quarter
  • 300+ donors
  • 80% of donors are from Wisconsin
  • 86% of total donations are from Wisconsin

What we’ve done

The campaign (April – June) was the startup phase: Getting a website working, social media, email, treasurer, compliance, and brought on an advising team to the campaign that has organized in Wisconsin, understands tough races, and helped elect Rep. Mary Peltola in Alaska. The third quarter (July – September) was about meeting people where they are at and traveling across the 7th, the largest district in Wisconsin.

The fourth quarter (October – December) we doubled down on basic infrastructure and fundraising. We are seeking and going through the endorsement process for major political organizations, PACs, and unions. After incredible support from donors, we’ve contracted with NGP VAN (via WisDems) and have full access to their voter data files. This is a major win for the campaign that opens up new ways of connecting to all of the 7th Congressional District. We are also excited to share that we are working with the digital firm that raised $1m+ for the Supreme Court of Wisconsin battle. Their expertise is helping to get out the word and raise resources to take on the incumbent in 2024. We are investing in building our list of donors and supporters.

Here are some other highlights of what the campaign has accomplished to date:

  • Stopped in 19 counties, meeting hundreds of voters at fairs, picnics, and Dem County meetings
  • Traveled 3k+ miles, in an electric car, across the 7th Congressional District
  • Featured in 3 newspaper articles, and most recently a LTE to the Wausau Pilot & Review (link on website)
  • 2 radio interviews – UpNorthNews + Devil’s Advocate (link on website)
  • 1st endorsement from the Freethought Equality Fund

What’s next

This next quarter is about bringing aboard more resources to build a robust and modern campaign.

  • Campaign Infrastructure. With fundraising reaching a key milestone, we are taking steps to fill out the campaign infrastructure with a Campaign Manager and other positions, when possible. Stay tuned for exciting updates!
  • Endorsements. I’m taking time to work through endorsement applications and interviews from organizations that give support and resources. We have also updated our website, so that we can get grassroots, local endorsements – you can go to the site and endorse me today! Add your name to show your support.
  • Volunteers. We added a form on the site where volunteers can register their info and preferences. Building a database of volunteers (above and beyond the county parties) will ensure we can target resources as needed across the district. Of course, I’m anticipating the strong support of the county parties – when appropriate.
  • Campaign Store. Yes, we have launched a store with apparel, yard signs, and stickers. Why a store? It’s a way to let early supporters share in the excitement, while also giving a donation. We have partnered with a vendor that prints on-demand, union-made merchandise with no costs to the campaign. Typically, campaigns have to buy and warehouse merchandise in bulk that may never get distributed. This can reduce spending on voter outreach. This model allows us to keep focused in the near term on what matters most – connecting with constituents. The best part? We can add new designs and items based on your feedback. Let us know what you would like to see! As we most likely will be resource constrained (on things like yard signs) in the next quarter or so, this lets supporters get a jump until the campaign can do a massive printing.
  • Fundraising. Yes, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this. It is still a huge priority for the campaign. To really take on the incumbent, we need to at least be in the ballpark of his raise. This likely means doubling our funds raised every quarter. Yes, doubling every quarter! It’s daunting to say the least. But we did it this quarter, so I know it can be done.

Thank you everyone for making 2023 a great year to launch a campaign in the 7th CD. Your passion and drive keep me focused on the new year resolution we all want – A new representative for the 7th in 2024!



Kyle Kilbourn

Candidate for Congress WI-07